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>> Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The next day while driving through the valley we had a contest as to who could find the most lizards. The air was chilly (60s) so they were mostly out trying to raise their body temperatures and were easily spotted while sunning on the rocks. This was one of the first and ended with a count of Greg 5, Hannah 8, and me only 2, but I did manage to photograph most of them so I win, right?
Believe it or not (those of you who know me) I got up for the sunrise! OK we had headed west and it seemed like a normal time to wake up. This was the first shot I got after I stepped out on the balcony.
The first night we stayed right in Monument Valley Utah/Arizona. Every room in the hotel faced east so you could both see the sunset on the "monuments" and the sunset behind them. At night they projected a John Wayne movie on the wall outside so you could watch from your balcony. The movie was filmed here. This is the sunset shining on the monuments.
As we left Chicago the clouds were very thick and seemed almost impossible to penetrate.


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