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>> Monday, June 21, 2010


Catching up

We finished our vacation today and I thought I would pick some interesting photos from the last few days. It was a dog's life at Arches Nat'l Park yesterday. As we came off a trail I looked over and this man had his dog in a bag hanging over his shoulder. Wow, wish someone carried me around the park!

This little beggar was at Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park. I guess the French tourists couldn't read the signs saying not to feed the animals.
This was the strangest thing we saw in Zion Canyon. We got off a tram and heard a distinct "gobble". Looked over and this gentleman was showing off his tail feathers for some females that were nearby.


Leaving Iowa

On the way from one home to another.
We squeezed 500 miles into 13 hours today!
-jenni cederquist


Box of tea

Charlie's daughter gave him this interesting wooden box
filled with tea bags for Father's Day


A HOT night!

For supper tonight we had fish and Zach brought home some veggies to fry up. He also brought Habaneros to put in with the veggies. Lets just say it was HOT. I tried one potato and that was enough for me.


. day 34 .

. not doing so good at staying away from caffeine these days . enjoying it going in and the effects of it later though . but this really has got to stop .

Sarah Nebel


June 21

David wasn't too sure about jumping in, but Alex promised to catch him and "save" him from drowning!!
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this squirrel hangs out in our neighborhood, his color is so unique-white ears, nose, patches of white on his body and a good bit of white on his tail.


Yellow Sink

As we're traveling, I never know if I'll find something yellow for the day. That's the fun of it. Today, we're staying at a lovely home with a sweet couple. And guess what...they have a perfectly YELLOW sink! We knew exactly where Josefine was going to get her bath for the evening! We've never bathed her in a sink...not even when she was itty-bitty. Her first experience was such fun! She splashed and laughed and made the biggest, wettest (is that a word?) mess ever! And of course, she was playing Silly Billy most of the time...hence, this adorable expression!


NOTE: We will be at camp all week, and it's not likely that I'll be able to post, though I hope to get a daily photo for the project! I'll be back on Saturday!


Yellow Giraffe

Yesterday we arrived at our first church for the summer! After several hours in the car, we were all ready to get out and play! Josefine's Giraffe was one of the toys to make the cut for this trip (we only have room for so many, folks)...she adores him and loves to cuddle him!



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